Helping people treasure Jesus Christ (WORSHIP) and fulfill God's calling (MISSION)

in the context of empowering friendships (COMMUNITY).


The way in which we fulfill our purpose (above) is by creating environments for people to be loved, instructed, encouraged, trained, equipped, and commissioned in order that they can grow into all that God created them to be. We are focused on providing and multiplying three environments which are especially helpful in accomplishing the this objective: a weekly MACRO gathering (Sunday at 9:15 a.m.), weekly LIFE Groups (and future MICRO churches), and weekly ATOMIC churches. 

MACRO Church Gathering - 9:15 a.m. at The HUB (11570 San Jose Blvd.) - Available to watch online via our Facebook congregation group page. In this meeting, the goal is to INSPIRE God's people to live for His Glory, to CELEBRATE God's love and goodness, to EQUIP God's people for ministry, and to DEPLOY God's people to show the love of Christ and share the message of Christ.

LIFE Groups / MICRO Church Gatherings - LIFE Groups meet weekly (less than 15 people) to experience time in the Word and time praying for one anther. MICRO Churches add a strong missional element. Many of these groups on Sunday following the MACRO church gathering while others meet throughout the week.

ATOMIC Church Gatherings -  Anywhere, any time, in person or virtual. These accountability groups consist of 2-3 Christians of the same gender, praying for each other and encouraging one another in (a) personal spiritual disciplines (b) personal evangelism, and (c) personal holiness.