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About the Sermons...

In addition to the Sunday 30-40 minute live sermons at our gathering location (11570 San Jose Blvd), most weeks we also provide shorter editions of the messages on YouTube.  Scroll below for direct links to specific messages, or click HERE to find all our YouTube sermons.

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Journey Through the Bible - RUTH

Ruth 1-4 - Portrait of a Godly Woman - Click HERE

Journey Through the Bible - JUDGES

Judges 16 - Samson in the School of Sin. -Click HERE

Judges 7 - God Loves to Do a Lot with a Little - Click HERE

Journey Through the Bible - LUKE

Luke 19.1-10 - Christ's Example of Reaching the Lost - Click HERE

Luke 15 - God's Heart for the Lost - Click HERE

Luke 4.14-21 - Why the Messiah Came - Click HERE

Journey Through the Bible - DEUTERONOMY

Deuteronomy 30.11-20 - Life or Death... Your Choice - Click HERE

Deuteronomy 26.2-11 - God in 1st Place in my Life. - Click HERE

Deuteronomy 6.4-9 - A Word Saturated Home - Click HERE

Journey Through the Bible - MARK

Signs that Confirm the Message of Forgiveness (Mark 16.9-20) - Click HERE

What People Need Most (Mark 2.1-12) - Click HERE

Journey Through the Bible - NUMBERS

The Seriousness of Sin - Click HERE

May 2 > God Smiling at You - Click HERE

Journey Thru the Bible - LEVITICUS

How to Relate to Old Testament Laws - Click HERE

Unauthorized Fire - Click HERE

The Burnt Offering - Click HERE

Journey Thru the Bible - MATTHEW

Worship the King (Matthew 28.1-9) - Click HERE

Enter the Kingdom (Matthew 18.1-4) - Click HERE 

Preach the Kingdom (Matthew 8-14) - Click HERE

Seek the Kingdom (Matthew 6.33) - Click HERE

Journey Thru the Bible - EXODUS

Stiff Necked or Radiant-Faced? (Exodus 32 &34) - Click HERE

Personal Property and Communism (Exodus 22.1-15) - Click HERE

Plagues, False Gods, and Passover (Exodus 11-12) - Click HERE

God Hears Our Cries (Exodus 1-10) - Click HERE

Journey Thru the Bible - GENESIS

Joseph: God Intends Good (Genesis 41-50) - Click HERE

Jacob: Wrestling with God (Genesis 31-40) - Click HERE

Isaac: Embracing the Faith (Gen 21-30) - Click HERE

Abraham: Justified by Faith (Gen 12-20) - Click HERE

A Fabulous Creation and a Catastrophic Fall (Gen 1-11) - Click HERE

Formed and Reformed by The Word - Click HERE

Challenge: Read the WHOLE Bible - Click HERE

A Prepositional Christmas - Click HERE

The Church

Gatherings... When? Where? How Many People? -Click HERE

What Should the Church Be Most Known For? - Click HERE

Church - What is ESSENTIAL? - Click HERE

What is the MISSION of the Church? - Click HERE

What is the PURPOSE of the Church? - Click HERE

How is the Word "Church" Used in the NT? - Click HERE

The Church - What is it? - Click HERE

The Message of the Bible in One Word - Click HERE

Biblical Principles for Christians When Voting - Click HERE

PSALM 23 - The Shepherd's Psalm

Psalm 23.6 - Surely Goodness and Mercy - Click HERE

Psalm 23.5c - My Cup Runneth Over - Click HERE

Psalm 23.5b - Thou Anointest My Head With Oil - Click HERE

Psalm 23.5a - Thou Preparest A Table Before Me - Click HERE

Psalm 23.4b - Thy Rod & Thy Staff, They Comfort - Click HERE

Psalm 23.4a - Though I Walk Through the Valley - Click HERE

Psalm 23.3c - For His Name's Sake - Click HERE

Psalm 23.3b - He Leadeth Me in the Paths- Click HERE

Psalm 23.3a - He Restoreth My Soul - Click HERE

Psalm 23.2b - He Leadeth Me Beside Still Waters - Click HERE

Psalm 23.2a - He Maketh Me to Lie Down -  Click  HERE

Psalm 23.1b - I Shall Not Want - Click HERE

Psalm 23.1a - The Lord is My Shepherd -  Click HERE

2 Corinthians 4.7 - Click HERE

Series - "Don't Waste This Pandemic"

Don't Waste This Pandemic, pt. 4 - Click HERE

Don't Waste This Pandemic, pt. 3 - Click HERE

Don't Waste This Pandemic, pt. 2 - Click HERE

Don't Waste This Pandemic, pt. 1 - Click HERE

Persevering Beyond the Pandemic - Click HERE

Series - Greatest Hits Countdown - Most Searched Scriptures Online

Psalm 23 - Click HERE

John 3.16 - Click HERE

Jeremiah 29.11 - Click HERE

Philippians 4.6-7 - Click HERE

Philippians 4.13 - Click HERE

Romans 8.28 - Click HERE

Romans 12.2 - Click HERE

Matthew 6.33 - Click HERE

Isaiah 41.10 - Click HERE

John 14.6 - Click HERE 

Series - First Corinthians (video only)

1 Corinthians 16.19-24 - Click HERE

1 Corinthians 16.15-18 - Click HERE

1 Corinthians 16.14 - Click HERE

Prior to the 2020 COVID lockdown, all Bible messages from Harvest were recorded on audio and made available below.