Next Steps

"Pastors Brunch"

This is an opportunity to meet the staff and elders at Harvest and to find out a bit about Harvest Jacksonville, as well as enjoy some tasty food! Also, if you attend a "Pastors Brunch" you can take a gifts and interests survey to help discover where you will best fit in. 

Contact the church office to find out how to register for the next one (

 How to Join Harvest

At the Pastor's Brunch you will have the opportunity to receive a membership application form. Once the application for membership is received the next step is a Member Interview. One of the elders will review the membership application. If there are any questions the applicant will be notified for clarification. Once the application is approved by the elders, the individual’s name is placed in the bulletin for three weeks. If there are no concerns raised by other members of Harvest, the individual is officially welcomed in as a member at a weekend service. 

Along the way, even before joining as a member, you may... (1) attend a small group and (2) volunteer to serve in a ministry. However, leadership opportunities are limited to members only.

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